Contribute to a global snapshot of biodiversity with National Geographic’s Great Nature Project

From 15-25 May 2015, people all over the world are documenting biodiversity as part of a global snapshot for NationalĀ Geographicā€™s Great Nature Project. Grab a camera or phone and take photos of wildĀ plants and animals, then upload and share them on The goal of the global snapshot, which is repeated annually, is to documentĀ biodiversity all over the world during a specific window of time. Over time, this will provide data that can be used to answer scientific questions or provide useful information to decision-makers. Use the initiative to help keepĀ track of whatĀ wasĀ documented, see what amazing biodiversity other people observe, and even get help identifying different species.


EAD joins National Geographic to help promote The Great Nature Project

The Environment Agency ā€“ Abu Dhabi (EAD) has joined the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organisation, National Geographic, to help promote The Great Nature Project, an ambitious initiative designed to inspire biodiversity conservation efforts among the public, globally and across the UAE. EAD will champion the project in the UAE, and along with AGEDIĀ and the Mohammed Bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, will consolidate efforts to drive awareness on the project through their collective local, regional and international networks.

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