Eye on Earth is a global movement that focuses on enabling the environmental (and related social and economic interactions) of Sustainable Development by improving the creation, availability, discover-ability, use and usability of data, information and knowledge for all stakeholders in society.


The Eye on Earth movement facilitates a convening process that converges a multi-disciplinary, global community of experts from the full diversity of stakeholder categories in a cross-cutting knowledge exchange and collaboration-enabling platform.

The Eye on Earth framework engages a global community of stakeholder organizations and existing networks to collectively advance the availability, accessibility and usability of data and Information for all stakeholders.

Eye on Earth Community

The Eye on Community is a truly global and diverse community whose members (now more than 3,600) share a passion for the Eye on Earth Mission, Vision and Principles. They represent the full diversity of Sustainable Development data, information and knowledge stakeholder groups. The majority of the membership are experienced practitioners, coming from Academia, NGOs, the private sector, government organisations, etc. They include innovators, technical experts, solution providers, educators, policy experts but also subject matter experts from a vast diversity of disciplines; they represent the demand side, who are impeded by diversity of data-related challenges. The collective knowledgebase represented by the Community is vast;  Eye on Earth convenes and converges this vast knowledge pool and facilitates collaboration to, step-by-step, breakdown barriers such as lack of data, information, knowledge in order to achieve sustainability.

Motivations for joining the Community are varied, but core value-proposition for participation includes: knowledge exchange with synergistic disciplines and other geographies; personal professional development; networking opportunities and identification of potential collaborators from other regions or disciplines. Participation in the Community is voluntary, and is possible in an individual capacity or as a representative of an institution.

The Alliance

In October 2014, EAD and UNEP invited three more organisations, the Group on Earth Observations (GEO), the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the World Resources Institute (WRI) to join the newly formed Eye on Earth Alliance. The Alliance is therefore a consortium of global, thematic and regional Network partners responsible for building and mobilizing international support as well as leading the Eye on Earth movement through its Network Coordination Unit (NCU), to advance the mission statement.

One of the roles of the Alliance is to help define the priorities, functions and emerging issues that the EoE movement can address and tackle.

The aim for these five (5) organisations is to provide the EoE movement with the necessary global leverage and contribute to enabling the movement’s vision at a strategic level; they utilize their deep knowledge of the issues, stakeholder challenges, research activities and innovations, policy agendas and resourcing opportunities to inspire, guide and support synergistic collaboration between themselves and the global Community in ways that provide net overall benefit to all parties.

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