Facilitated by AGEDI as a continuation of Phase I of the Blue Carbon Project, the Ecosystems Services Assessment saw contingent valuation employed to study the willingness to pay for the preservation of coastal marine habitats that had already been studied. The Project aimed to investigate the Phase I results – completed in April 2014 – and assess the full range of ecosystem benefits that, together with carbon sequestration, should be taken account of in complex, land-use decision making.

The Process:

A survey was distributed to pre-identified stakeholders, including users and pressure groups, whose responses were used to provide the framework for a compensation model that will help influence the decisions of regional leaders when it comes to land-use. Through education about the environment in coastal marine habitats, and with the understanding that financial compensation may one day be required, these leaders will be able to make informed decisions when it comes to complex land-use that will lessen negative environmental impact.

Main Achievements:

The decision-maker and executive summaries have been completed and published, highlighting the feedback from over 30 hotel and real estate questionnaires, including from hotels, real estate managers and commercial property managers, and from more than 100 beach visitor questionnaires four principle beaches: Al Bateen, Corniche, Saadiyat and Yas beaches.

What’s Next:

AGEDI will soon be publishing the full technical report.

Downloadable materials:

Executive Summary Ecosystem Services Assessment (1898 downloads )