In 2014, AGEDI’s (Phase I) illustrated the full potential of coastal ecosystems for carbon storage and their other benefits. As a result, the values of Blue Carbon and related ecosystem services were incorporated into the coastal and marine management policies of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The success of the Abu Dhabi Blue Carbon Demonstration Project led AGEDI to initiate the National Blue Carbon Project (Phase II), which expanded the science to the Northern and Eastern regions of the UAE, and also extended the understanding and valuation aspects of coastal blue carbon ecosystem services.

The Process:

Phase II of the Blue Carbon Demonstration Projected was managed and facilitated by AGEDI in collaboration with the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water (MoEW), Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, (EAD) and a team of international experts and volunteers.

Activities included:

  • A baseline assessment of carbon stocks and sequestration of the mangroves of the Northern Emirates
  • A geographic assessment that mapped mangroves, based on existing data available, and provided an estimate of the Northern Emirates’ total blue carbon stocks
  • A capacity-building component in the Northern Emirates, including the provision of training on marine and coastal ecosystem Services, with a focus on blue carbon

Phase II also saw the incorporation of findings into policy creation as well, including the proposed compensation fund. The Contingent Valuation  identified the economic value of coastal ecosystem services, to help determine compensation fees for associated environmental damage. The findings and recommendations from Phase II aims to be then incorporated into local, national, regional and international programmes and frameworks documents.

Main Achievements:

The field work was completed in November 2014 at a National level in collaboration with Ministry of Environment & Water and the competent authorities of each Emirate, and the findings released in October 2015 . The contingent evaluation studies have also been completed to date.

What’s Next:

AGEDI also continue its efforts to create a regional scientific working group for Blue Carbon.

Downloadable material:

Building Blue Carbon Projects: An Introductory Guide (7969 downloads ) National Blue Carbon Project – Executive Summary (3144 downloads ) National Blue Carbon Project – Decision-maker Summary (2372 downloads )