Invitation to AGEDI Regional Symposium on Climate Change

Regional Symposium on Climate Change

The Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative (AGEDI) in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOCCAE) is proudly announcing that a Regional Symposium on Climate Change will be held:

March 13 – 16, 2017

The agenda for the Symposium focuses on the twelve (12) recently completed studies of the Local, National, and Regional Climate Change Programme (LNRCCP).

AGEDI Final Symposium Agenda (March 2017)

Symposium Speaker Bios

The program will have sessions for the presentation of stakeholder-reviewed studies over the three days of the Symposium, including invited lectures from each of the Principal Investigators (or designees).

Symposium Session/Speaker
Opening (13 March) Oceans (13 March)

·Regional Ocean Modeling

·Regional Marine Biodiversity Vulnerability

·Regional Desalination and CC

Land (14 March)

·   Regional Atmospheric Modeling

·   Regional Terrestrial Biodiversity Vulnerability

·   National Coastal Vulnerability Index

Water (14 March)

·   Al Ain water resources and CC

·   National Water-Energy NEXUS and CC

·   Regional Water-Energy NEXUS and CC

(15 March)
·   National Food Security and CC·   Health Cobenefits reducing GHGs

·   Sea Level Rise

§ Abdul-Majeid Haddad

§ Nadia Rouchdy

§ Sabah Al Jenaid

§ Simon Wilson

§ Ze Edson

§ William Cheung

§ Daniel Pauly

§ David Yates

§ Matthew Fitzpatrick

§ Gregg Verutes


§ Francisco Flores

§ Stephanie Galaitsi

§ David Yates

§ Robert Arthur

§ Daniel Lincke

§ Paul Kucera

§ Bill Dougherty

Please make sure to register at: [email protected]