Climate Change Inspectors Toolkits Now Online!

We are very pleased to announce that the Local, National, Regional Climate Change Project Inspectors are now all online!

The 12 projects are subdivided into five thematic areas. The regional climate change thematic area includes the two studies that formed the backbone of the programme: these are the Regional Atmospheric Modelling and the Arabian Gulf Modelling. Building on that, two studies were carried out under the Environment thematic area: the Terrestrial Biodiversity and the Marine Biodiversity. The water resources thematic area includes three studies: the Regional Water-Energy Nexus, the UAE Water Energy Nexus and the Al Ain Water Resources. The Coastal Vulnerability Index and Sea Level Rise studies were conducted under the coastal zones thematic area. Finally, the last thematic area, socio economic systems, included three studies: the Desalination, the Food Security and the Public Health Co-benefits of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Mitigation.

All outputs of the programme are freely available to all stakeholders, and the general public. A comprehensive set of data used, models developed, maps/videos produced, as well as technical reports and decision makers briefs prepared can be accessed and downloaded through AGEDI’s innovative and interactive online inspector portal, available at