Since the inaugural Eye on Earth Summit (EoE) in 2011, the EoE initiative strives to facilitate a broad stakeholder engagement process that is regionally relevant and convenes, converges and collaborates around this common agenda to deliver collective impact.

The second EoE Summit will be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE in early October 2015.

The Process:

Facilitated by AGEDI and hosted by Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme, the summit will focus on:

  • Showcasing the impact of progress from the EoE 2011 commitments
  • Demonstrating the EoE role in the post Rio+20 process, particularly in promoting Principle 10
  • Supporting the data and information gaps of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Networking and the exchange of ideas, innovation and knowledge (citizen science, launching projects and issues)
  • Commitment to action

Main Achievements:

The 2011 Summit led to the endorsement of the visionary Eye on Earth Summit Declaration by 48 countries. The Declaration focuses on 14 guiding principles which form the framework for Eye on Earth and govern its overall strategy and direction. Eight Special Initiatives were also launched to support the delivery of the Eye on Earth mission through transformational projects and engagement.

What’s Next:

For further details and the latest news on the developments of the EoE Summit 2015, visit the summit website.