Arabian Peninsula Blue Carbon and Ecosystem Services Technical Working Group Meet

The newly formed Arabian Peninsula Blue Carbon and Ecosystem Services Technical Working Group held their initiation meeting on March 20th, hosted by the current Chair AGEDI. Working Group Secretariat members came from across the region to decide multiple key decisions for the way forward of the group.

The Scope of the Group is to provide the following:

1.Act as facilitator between BC and marine/coastal ES practitioners within the region, and provide a platform for communication with the wider international community

2.Within region coordination role would be

•To share best practices, methodologies and data between regional practitioners •Help facilitate research in the region (e.g. collaboration) and capitalize on potential synergies between activities •Produce integrated papers/reviews for use in at national, regional and international levels •Prepare expert opinion towards regional and international dialogue and intergovernmental processes •Identification of experts within the region to support governments in their own reporting •Facilitate capacity building for regional experts for in-house analysis and implementation •Enhance regional awareness of blue carbon and ecosystem services of our region

The workshop came to group decisions regarding the Secretariat and its membership, working group governance structure, outcomes and way forward.

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