The project concentrates on 5 components that fuse together to achieve the common objectives; to provide Abu Dhabi with the further knowledge and experience of the local coastal habitats to make more sustainable decisions in the future.

Data Collection & Analysis

The scientific assessment will provide the baseline quantification of carbon stocks for each coastal ecosystem; sea grass, salt marsh, sabkha and mangrove ecosystems within the Abu Dhabi emirate.

It will provide the essential data and analysis to explore the eligibility for incorporating carbon emission mitigation and valuation approaches.  The science team also seek to develop local capacity for the continuation of blue carbon assessments in the future.

Ecosystem Services

The ecosystem services component builds on the focus on blue carbon and pushes the analysis of the information even further, in order to identify and value other ecosystem services coming from mangrove, saltmarsh, and seagrass habitats. The assessment will use information on the distribution and condition of existing coastal habitats, and historical trends in habitat and shoreline condition, to assess the ecosystem services and their local, national, and regional value.


The online carbon assessment tool that is being developed under this programme will collate the best available information on the carbon storage and sequestration potential of Abu Dhabi’s diverse marine habitats; the scientific team will provide technical direction for the production of data for spatial needs and analysis.  This tool is critical to better understand Abu Dhabi’s natural carbon stock, enabling decision makers with an online tool to assess, verify and manage their blue carbon resources.


This project presents a unique opportunity to incorporate considerations surrounding coastal ecosystem management in Abu Dhabi›s climate change mitigation and development plans. Coastal ecosystems such as mangroves, sea grass or sabkha are an inherent part of Abu Dhabi›s culture, and they also store carbon as well as providing valuable ecosystem services, such as food security from fisheries, shoreline protection from storms or revenue from tourism.

Carbon & Ecosystem Services Finance Feasibility

Will advise the scientific teams in their baseline carbon assessments, with regards to carbon accounting and baseline data to be used in the carbon market feasibility assessment report.