Ecosystems Services Assessment Participatory Workshop

Abu Dhabi, UAE – The Ecosystems Services Assessment project commenced this month with a participatory modelling workshop. The participatory modelling process combines available data and expert knowledge from key stakeholders to analyse the relative supply and demand of ecosystem services. The project is part of the extension work from Phase I of the Abu Dhabi Blue Carbon Demonstration Project. This work aims to investigate the Phase I results – completed in April 2014 – and to assess the full range of ecosystem benefits that, together with carbon sequestration, should be taken account of in complex, land-use decision-making.

AGEDI to start Phase II of Blue Carbon Project

UAE – Work on Phase II of the Blue Carbon Project will begin in September, expanding the science to the Northern and Eastern Emirates and to the GCC region, and extending the understanding and valuation aspects of coastal blue carbon ecosystem services. Phase II sees the incorporation of findings into policy creation as well, including the proposed compensation fund. AGEDI’s recommendations from Phase II will then be incorporated into local, national, regional and international programmes.