AGEDI uses fourth generation technology to further develop a 360 degree Virtual Educational Tour of the Al Wathba Wetland Reserve.

AGEDI is always looking for new solutions in how to best communicate, bridge and enhance the science to policy interface; this is one of the biggest challenges that developing and emerging economies face. Effective communication and education around the importance of protecting coastal ecosystems can be achieved by utilising innovative solutions such as Google virtual glasses, 360 degree imagery and aerial images. Utilising different mechanisms and means to collect the data in a more creative way is another step towards resource friendly communication.

AGEDI selected a site (the Al Wathba Wetland Reserve) an important wetland of Abu Dhabi Emirate. AGEDI used this pilot project to test the use of fourth (4th) generation technology tools for enhanced communication on the importance of these ecosystems but also as a means to tie a story together on the layers of information which we have been building on coastal blue carbon habitats. Thus the 360 degree Virtual Educational Tour was born.

This pilot project tells the story of the site through 360 videos with experts, drive throughs and photos spheres and links to important information through photography, PDFs, publications and infographics embedded. what can be found in the reserve and why this is important, the value of the ecosystem services they provide, the amount of blue carbon they sequester, the vulnerability of mangroves to climate change and finally how lessons learnt are shared through international projects.

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