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Coastal habitats provide a myriad of essential ecosystem services; they support fisheries, protect shorelines, provide opportunities for tourism, and are important for cultural heritage and identity. With Abu Dhabi’s rapidly developing growth trajectory derived primarily from its rich oil and gas reserves, it is paramount that Abu Dhabi’s ecosystems are protected and valued locally, nationally and globally in terms of their wildlife, natural resources and landscape. And, when it comes to decision-making on land use around Abu Dhabi’s coastal and marine habitats, a range of factors needs to be considered to ensure that protective directives are enforced.

To this end, in April 2014, the Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative (AGEDI) released the results of Phase I of the Abu Dhabi Blue Carbon Demonstration Project bundled with the Ecosystem Services programme. The report provided a first understanding of the full potential of these ecosystems for carbon storage and a wide range of the other benefits they provide.