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Increasingly, and through satellite images, we see stark evidence of the impact human activities are having on the planet. Viewing the Earth from this remarkable range and scale allows us to better comprehend the environmental changes taking place on land, in the water, and in the air. This Arab Region: Atlas of Our Changing Environment uses evocative imagery and informative descriptions to tell a story of prominent environmental change across 22 Arab countries over the last 50 years. While this atlas documents the commonalities shared by these nations, it also highlights the unique challenges each country faces in the 21st century.

Using current and historical satellite images, maps and photographs, a range of sites have been examined to survey specific environmental changes.  In a region already confronted by extreme climate, limited natural resources, economic conditions and conflict, the environmental challenges depicted are striking. The progress that each country is making towards achieving environmental sustainability as part of the Millennium Development Goals, is also described and visually portrayed.