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With some 37,000 square kilometres of the territorial seas of the UAE and 2,390 kilometres of coastline along the mainland and islands of the southern Arabian Gulf, a variety of habitats occur in the marine and coastal environment of Abu Dhabi. One of nine sector papers on Abu Dhabi’s State of the Environment, Marine and Coastal Environment provides a synthesis of the knowledge on the marine and coastal environment of Abu Dhabi.

First released in 2006, the nine sector papers were revisited by AGEDI in 2009 to address previously identified shortcomings, while further enhancing the knowledge base by increasing the level of more current data and information. The review of these papers aimed to increase access to current information, re-engage stakeholder participation, build the partner network, and catalog all the information and data into a knowledge base that the stakeholder community could access and further develop via the Geospatial Portal.