AGEDI represented at 5th World Conference on Climate Change

AGEDI was recently represented at the 5th World Conference on Climate Changeā€ which took place over 4-6 October in London, England. The theme of the congress was ā€œClimate Change and Sustainable Futuresā€ and included participants from government, NGOs, business, and academia from around the globe who sharedĀ emerging research findings and innovative policy-related proposals in climate science, greenhouse gas mitigation and climate change adaptation. Dr. Bill Dougherty offered a talk on the ā€œenergy-water-health nexus under climate changeā€ that built on findings from AGEDIā€™s recently completed Local, National, and Regional Climate Change programme. Feedback on the talk was quite positive, with some noting with appreciation AGEDIā€™s active engagementĀ in seeking to support effective climate change policymakingĀ in the UAE and surrounding Arabian Peninsula region.

AGEDI 2017 Executive Report

2016-17 was a pivotal biennial for AGEDI that saw the culmination of various initiatives and projects, each one bringing us one-step closer to an environmentally sustainable future.
A collaborative initiative managed and facilitated by a partnership between UN Environment, the Indicator Reporting Information System (IRIS) version 1.0 was launched in Nairobi in December 2017. This was a proud moment for Abu Dhabi in a project that was years in the making. Consistent with the AGEDI mission, IRIS aims to address systemic data and information challenges that hinder environmental sustainability, and has the potential to reduce the reporting burden for many government institutions, leading to more efficient decision-making. The prospects for 2018 are exciting and we look forward to further collaboration with UN Environment.

Our mantra is to keep delivering access to quality environmental data that supports decision-making towards a sustainable future. Our efforts are only realised thanks to the commitment of and collaboration with our invaluable stakeholders, who have played an essential role in each of our accomplishments in 2016-17.

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