National Reporting Toolkit Workshops

Abu Dhabi, UAE – AGEDI, in association with Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, recently hosted a four-day workshop on the National Reporting Toolkit (NRT). Led by the Centre for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe (CEDARE), the team presented the latest NRT developments to the Ministry of Environment and Water, and to environment and statistics authorities from each of the Emirates. The team also collated feedback about the NRT from each stakeholder group, to be incorporated into the Toolkit’s functionality as it undergoes further development.

GEF Blue Forest Inaugural Meeting

Abu Dhabi, UAE – The Global Environment Facility’s (GEF) Blue Forests Project had its inaugural meeting in Abu Dhabi in November, hosted by AGEDI. The Project helps develop Blue Carbon science and data management through the production of tools and the testing of methodologies that can be utilised and scaled up to the international arena, and will enhance blue carbon cooperation and training. AGEDI is a key partner of GEF’s efforts, with its local work in Blue Carbon having already helped guide the Project and its international members through knowledge-sharing and capacity-building.